Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Well I haven't blogged here for a while - and it's time to sort that out.
In the intervening years various things have happened.
  • A large banking website that I did technical architecture on went live (hooray!)
  • I've recently got into to Wicket as a UI framework and am overseeing architecture on two projects using it in the web tier (incidentally I attended a very good London Wicket User Group meeting the other day at Google's London offices)
  • I've also been providing architectural consultancy for a number of well known organisations - which has been interesting. Seeing how other groups solve problems - sometimes in a way that I think is better than how I would have approached it and sometimes worse - has been a very interesting experience.
I've recently noticed that Wicket is becoming portlet friendly and am starting to investigate that:
Also apparently captcha is now easily read and broken by bot's this looks like a (very) cute replacement.....

Hope any readers that are out there are having a good year.....


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